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Inflatable Bounce House

What Is Included With My Residential Bounce House?

Depending on the size of moon bounce you just purchased will determine the size box it will come in. A typical box dimension for a kids bounce house is 24" Tall by 18" Wide by 18" Deep (Please refer to the image to the right of a typical inflatable box with a 3 year old next to it). As with the box dimensions, weight is dependent on the actual inflatable bouncer you buy but an average shipment weighs about 60 lbs. (Please refer to specific product pages for exact specifications of the inflatable bouncer you are interested in).

All new and un-used inflatable bounce house for sale that we sell comes with a manufactures warranty. The length of the warranty is determined by the manufacture. Most warranties are for 30 to 90 days on residential bounce houses and water slides. The manufactures that we have partnered with handle all of there warranties directly with the customers. To file a warranty claim, please contact us directly and we will submit a claim on your behalf.

In addition to the warranty, each box includes the inflatable itself, a blower, stakes, repair kit and a manual (Please refer to the image to the right of what is typically included). Some inflatable bouncers include a carrying case and if an item can be used wet, like an inflatable water slide, a mistying system will also come with the unit. When you receive your bounce house, please open all of the contents to make sure that everything as describe on the product information page came with your unit.
What is included with my bounce house

What Inflatable Bouncer Accessories Are Available?

sumo suit for moon bounce The are numerous accessories that can be added to any bounce house and some that are designed for specific inflatables only. One of our most popular accessories that we sell are play balls. Easily convert any moon jumper into a Ball Pit Bouncer. Kids love play balls and these 3" PVC balls can be used with bounce houses and or water slides for an added activity.

With the evolution of kid bounce houses, came the idea of bringing these traditional backyard toys indoors. The problem is, how do you secure your indoor bounce house on carpet? Blast Zone came up with a solution this past year when they created indoor sand bag holders (sand not included). Nobody wanted to bring sand inside their house to secure their inflatable bouncer, but these bags keep the mess away and the bouncer secure.

For commercial bouncers we offer two types of hand trucks that are designed with inflatable rental businesses in mind. these dolly's are wider then a typical dolly you would buy at a local hardware shop.

Other popular inflatable accessories include blowers and deflators from B-Air. B-Air is the leading manufacture of continuous air flow products for commercial use. Having back up blowers for your inflatable rental company is a necessity. Do not loose revenue for a weekend because one of your blowers are on the fritz. Deflators speed up the take down process dramatically. Time is money!